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Running outside realizing that it'd had been 10 minutes since she texted me I opened the door of what looked like a lost group of girls in a car. No awkward silence or greetings, Larissa , accompanied with Ashley and Maggie (her sister and friend), were filled with life the minute I stepped into the car. I led them to one of my favorite parks, the South Mountain Reservation, it's usually where I took my dog to play with other pups. We went deep into the forestry park as Ashley and Maggie fled to find a bathroom. Before you knew it time had past and photos were made. As we began to move to a slightly different location we heard Ashley and Maggie return to the set. Larissa screamed "Marco!!" and from the other side of the park I heard a faint "Polo". They played this Marco, Polo game until they were in eyesight of each other and eventually reunited. A couple of laughs, photos and a big ass spider later we managed to beat the sunlight before it decided to set. Hands down one of my more enjoyable and successful shoots as you can see.