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5 Pointz

With Summer quickly winding down along with the existence of this insane location, Kennith and I came in with the mindset to murder this site.

No pictures or videos could have prepared me for what I was going to see at this historic location. From a block away you can see the walls coming to life, putting on a magnificent display of art as your eyes quickly become submerged in this visual porn. Stories are told from every piece of art on this collection of buildings. You can't help but be amazed, and then heartbroken to find out that there are plans to tear down such a historic site. That's right! 5 Pointz, the mecca of the art of graffiti, is currently in a legal battle with the owner. It was said that the owner wants to knock down this landmark and build apartment complexes in its place. 

I'm glad that I was able to leave my mark on the historic location whether it cease to exist or not. Let's hope not though #Save5Pointz