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B A R E p a r t s :: One

Nothing, just nothing. Parts, bits, and pieces. Bite sized features or just a sneak peak into one of the most beautiful things on earth. The temple of a female, a work of art that most of us believe was made to be appreciated. Of course as time goes on the perception fades and the world creates an atmosphere where it would some how looses value. An insane gesture I know... but its's our reality and we accept it. Defeats the entire purpose.

I created this sub series in order to take time to appreciate and love the temple that most take for granted. Focussing on the details so that it doesn't take away from the big picture here. We all know how easy it is for ones focus to shit when admiring. The art, the love, the beauty, the perception, and life that we breath into photographs to help people understand our world.


B A R E p a r t s :: One